Water bills: Does anyone in City Hall know which way is up?

Having read City Councilman Jack Young's article about the problems with water bills, I would like to relate my own experience ("Water bill follies: City deserves better," March 19).

In November 2011, I paid $76.27 for 110 days of water usage. This quarter, I received a bill for $76.27 for 92 days of water usage.

The most recent bill covered 18 fewer days than the previous one, and there is now one fewer person living in the house than before.

I called the Water Department for clarification and was told that no one can pay any less than $76.27. I am supposedly paying the least amount allowed.

If that's true, I would still have to pay $76.27 for water usage even if I wasn't home. What a great city in which to live.

Yet Mr. Young's article noted that some people's water bills were as low as $25. I have come to two conclusions.

One, that no two people in City Hall know their left from their right or which end is up; and two, the politicians running Baltimore couldn't care less.

And they want me to still vote for them?

Sonia Looban Greenspon, Baltimore

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