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Scott Walker victory not so impressive

Recent letters to the editor misinterpret the results of the historic Wisconsin recall election ("Walker victory a harbinger of November elections," June 8). First, exit polls showed that 60 percent of Gov. Scott Walker's supporters did not feel a recall election is appropriate except for proven misconduct in office; an additional 10 percent did not feel a recall election is ever appropriate.

The Wisconsin voters did not necessarily reject "bullying unions" that are "interested in keeping their power," nor did they endorse Mr. Walker's policies. Second, an exit poll indicated 18 percent of Mr. Walker's voters support President Barack Obama. Another poll showed that President Obama is currently 7 percentage points ahead of Mitt Romney in Wisconsin. The writer's assertion that the Wisconsin recall is a harbinger for November is a wish.

One letter writer, a former GOP candidate for the Maryland House of Delegates, felt it was perfectly acceptable for Wisconsin to break its promises to state employees for pensions earned by those employees. I doubt the majority of citizens endorse the breaking of solemn promises by anyone or depriving workers of earned benefits. This Republican failed to point out that Mr. Walker earmarked $160,000 for a legal defense fund and that Mr. Walker spent over $30 million, two-thirds contributed by non-Wisconsin sources, buying a lot of false advertising. Mr. Walker campaigned against this recall for over six months. By contrast, his opponent conducted a one-month campaign and spent only $3-to-$4 million.

Finally, one of the Republican senators was recalled, and that resulted in control of the Wisconsin Senate passing to the Democrats. This indicates Wisconsin voters desire to check Governor Walker's future anti middle class, anti-worker policies. The Republican is the one living in "La-La Land" if he thinks a Walker-style governor "would be great" for Maryland and that Maryland voters would ever support Mr. Walker's promise-breaking policies.

James M. Kehl, Timonium

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