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Three cheers for Scott Walker

Shame on The Sun for burying the story of Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker's recall election victory ("Wis. Governor survives recall," June 6).

Governor Walker not only won he trounced his opponent by 7 percentage points.

Wisconsin voters made a bold statement by recognizing states can no longer afford to subsidize public pensions and perks with taxpayer dollars. If public sector unions want these perks they need to pay for them out of their pockets. No longer can the taxpayers afford to give these luxuries.

It is time for The Sun to put away its bias and start to report the news no matter how bad the news is when it comes to Democrats. The Sun could start by reporting on the ridiculous statements Gov. Martin O'Malley made when he was interviewed by Fox News and tried to imply criminal charges may be in the works for Governor Walker.

Our governor lives in La La Land. Would it not be great if Scott Walker was our governor?

J. Michael Collins, Reisterstown

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