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$15 isn't enough

Won't a $15 minimum wage be overtaken by consumer costs anyway?

I agree that workers should be paid a "living wage." My question is, exactly what is a living wage? The promise of a $15 minimum wage by 2022 leaves the worker with a wage beneath that for five years ("New effort to raise Baltimore's minimum wage to $15 begins," Nov. 29).

If a person now makes $10 an hour, then a $5 increase per hour over five years doesn't really increase his or her earnings very much in the five-year time frame. I figure it is a dollar an hour increase every year until 2022. However, the cost of housing, food staples, medical and just about everything else is also going up. If I use Social Security as an example, a poor one at that, the raise for 2017 is .03 percent, which, according to the Internet, gives the recipient about $5 a month more.

Trying to understand cost-of-living adjustments and the Consumer Price Index was vexing. I would challenge The Baltimore Sun to do a 5-year layout on wages and cost increases. I for one do not have the answer to the problem but politicians seemed to! We need to work toward a real solution!

Stas Chrzanowski, Canton

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