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Photo IDs are necessary to stop voter fraud

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There has been quite a bit of controversy over the last several months about requiring people to show a government-issued photo ID card in order to vote. In my opinion photo IDs should be required to assure that people who want to vote are who they say they are.

Photo IDs will cut down on voter fraud, but they will not disenfranchise any class of voters, as liberal Democrats claim.

I speak from experience, as I was an election board judge for there past 12 years in Montgomery County, and I was removed from my position twice because I asked voters I could not Identify to show a photo ID.

I appeared before the county election board and was re-instated, but they informed me that I could not ask any voter to show a valid photo ID. For that reason I currently choose not work as an active election board judge.

In my opinion photo IDs should be required for voters to identify themselves because it would do a lot to cut down on voter fraud on election day.

Alfred Eisner, Silver Spring

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ElectionsDemocratic Party
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