Who says there's not voter fraud in Maryland?

So Brennan Center for Justice lawyer Mimi Marziani "knows for a fact that there is no evidence of a voter fraud problem" ("Maryland group alleges voter-roll problems," June 22). Really? Didn't the article say a few paragraphs before that there are voters on the books registered in more than one jurisdiction? Isn't that voter fraud?

In this day when stolen IDs are a daily problem, how long before someone takes over the ID of one of those many dead voters still on the books, which has probably already happened? Isn't that voter fraud?

She further claims that "racial minorities are disproportionately impacted" by voter ID laws. Funny: I read recently that a photo ID was needed to attend a book-signing by Michelle Obama. Too bad for the racial minority that would have liked to attend that event. A photo ID is needed to cash a check, to withdraw money from your own personal bank account, and countless other daily activities. It makes no difference if one fraudulent vote is cast or 1,001. Every fraudulent vote that is cast makes a mockery of one of the greatest privileges of being a citizen of this great country.

Perhaps those who profess to advocate for the "one in four" blacks without a valid ID should do what they can to see that those folks get an ID. They need to act on the problem instead of continually sitting back and whining about the problem.

D. Pazourek, Sparks

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