Don't spike volleyball at Rash Field [Letter]

As a member of Baltimore Beach Volleyball for the past three years, I take strong exception to how volleyball at Rash Field is viewed so negatively by The Sun ("Inner Harbor reborn," Nov. 17). Being a new resident of the city several years ago, Baltimore Beach gave me a reason to come to the Inner Harbor every week. Without this incentive, I'm afraid the overtly tourist and rundown ambience of the city's biggest "attraction" does not appeal to the majority of young, working professionals.

These same professionals are the ones frequenting local shops, bars and restaurants as a part of their social gatherings. Why is this large number of users, thousands every week, being cut out instead of catered to?

As an architect, it is my job to study and understand space and how people use it and interact within it. Organized social gatherings, such as Baltimore Beach Volleyball, promote a general sense of safety and comfort in an area, not only for the users but for others who may be simply walking by. The new proposals addition of "a park, playground, sculpture garden, outdoor cafes, kayak launch, and floating swimming pool" seem like a blind attempt to throw the "kitchen sink" at a perceived issue.

I'm afraid that the end result will be an Inner Harbor that offers much while offering nothing. Actually, this is exactly how I would describe the current Inner Harbor, save for Rash Field.

Ryan J. Hausmann

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