Alonso is abusing the H-1B visa program to keep Filipino teachers on the job

I've known about H-1B visa abuses for years, but never thought I'd see them so close to home. I am incredulous that Baltimore Schools CEO Andrés Alonso is so determined to keep more than 600 foreign teachers while American-born, Baltimore-based job applicants languish ("School system struggles to retain its Filipino teachers," June 12).

On May 25, about 700 teachers attended a city school job fair seeking positions. However, now school officials claim there are more applicants than positions. So why do we need foreign teachers filling Baltimore's coveted assignments?

H-1B visas were meant to allow foreign employees to work when no qualified American could be found for a particular job. I have no problem with that. But to use this visa system to undermine American workers is repugnant.

With so many qualified unemployed people, the Department of Labor is going to make things tough for Mr. Alonso. The next letter I write will be to my congressman to let him know about this visa abuse and to urge an investigation.

R.E. Nester, Baltimore

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