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Reserve H1B visas for U.S. firms [Letter]

Google Inc.

I help run a consulting services company founded and run by American citizens and headquartered in Northern Virginia.

Imagine my shock when I read in The Sun ("High-tech workers with high price tags," July 27) that over half of valuable H1B visas are going to a foreign company run out of India! Why are we giving foreign companies such an advantage over local companies?

What is even more galling is that my company competes against Tata Services all the time, and now I know why: Because Tata has learned how to flood the system with applications such that small companies like ours get only a fraction of the high-tech employees that we need, limiting our ability to grow which means fewer jobs for both tech and non-tech Americans at our headquarters location.

This should be fixed. American-based companies like Google, HP, Booz Allen Hamilton and mine that were founded and remain headquartered in the United States should get the bulk of these visas.

Paul Nelson, Annapolis

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