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Van Hollen climate change plan would bloat government [Letter]

Does the Sunpaper's editorialist writing about Maryland Rep. Chris Van Hollen's proposed legislation entitled "The Healthy Climate and Family Security Act" know what is meant by "the invisible hand of the market"? ("Cap and dividend," Aug. 4.) This reference is certainly not to the invisible hand envisioned by Adam Smith.

Mr. Van Hollen's proposal is to require energy companies to purchase through auction a permit to drill for or mine mineral resources. Some people would call that a tax, but perhaps the difference is that those funds which the government would acquire would then be redistributed instead of being held onto by the government. And once again we would have more government growth since a new bureaucracy would be needed to manage the transfer of funds. It's as if Mr. Van Hollen wants to eliminate private sector jobs in order to create public sector jobs. Hmmm!

Edward Brown

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