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If you think paying unemployment insurance here is bad, try Paraguay

Imagine my surprise this morning when I saw letters from apparently well-fed individuals complaining about paying unemployment insurance. For all those beleaguered employers who don't want to pay unemployment benefits I've got a solution: Hire illegal immigrants.

They are non-persons, so an employer does not have to pay unemployment insurance and really shouldn't bother about niceties like Workers' Compensation, minimum wage laws, child labor laws, unions, OSHA or any other oppressive, socialistic safety net provisions.

It has to help the employer's bottom line to cut these corners, and certainly the times demand that employers cut as many corners as they can. If you get caught not only is there no political will to punish so-called "job creators" but there is plenty of political will that is solely directed at punishing illegal immigrants. Those brown men and women must be taught a lesson by incarcerating or deporting them, an American job creator will escape unscathed.

As for the chap who wanted to use the depravity of human nature as an excuse to eradicate unemployment insurance payments, I suggest he make a trip to Paraguay. There is no safety net there, so human nature being what it is unemployed people resort to crime.

The upshot is that anyone of means in Paraguay must have their own security brigade to protect themselves, which invariably costs more than unemployment insurance premiums.

Isn't it peculiar that the depravity of human nature is such that it is used to punish the poor and unemployed rather than the Wall Street crowd that created their economic dislocation in the first place?

Paul R. Schlitz Jr., Baltimore

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