President Obama caves in to Israel — again

The recent article about President Barack Obama's speech at the United Nations ("Obama stands by Israel at U.N.," Sept. 22 ) should have been headlined, "Obama caves in to Israel again." President Obama's vow to veto Palestinian statehood at the U.N. is the fifth time that he has embarrassed himself and our country by pandering to Israel and its powerful lobby. The other times were over borders, settlements, Israel's invasion of Gaza and its massacre of nine peace activists on the Gaza flotilla. For anyone to accuse the Obama administration of being anti-Israel is laughable.

The truth is that our spineless politicians have put Israel's interests ahead of America's for decades. Our alliance with Israel is the most dangerous and expensive alliance in our nation's history. The U.S. won't be safe until we end all financial, military and political aid to Israel, while becoming an honest broker for peace in the Middle East.

Ray Gordon, Bel Air

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