UM has been taking what should be Baltimore's for years

The UM merger will help College Park, not anyone else.

Politicians in Prince George's County are trying to merge the Baltimore professional schools with the College Park campus ("What about UMBC?" March 7). Unfortunately, College Park has a history of establishing degree programs that should be in Baltimore.

For example, College Park is the location of the School of Architecture. Maryland architects considered Baltimore the only suitable location but were unsuccessful in their efforts.

College Park has the only public health program, but the best programs are allied with medical schools. A public health program on the Baltimore campus would collaborate with the medical, dental, nursing, pharmacy and social work schools. Locating the program 30 miles from Baltimore was a very serious long term mistake.

College Park is the only University of Maryland campus in favor of the merger. It will be the primary beneficiary, not Baltimore.

William G. Rothstein, Baltimore

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