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Why no more outrage about UM open meetings violation? [Letter]

Thank you for publishing the letter from Ralph Jaffe, "The real lesson of the UM's move to the Big 10" (Aug. 14). I was beginning to feel that this illegal closed, non-transparent and abrupt move by our university would be swept away without further comments. Thanks to the Sun Papers for keeping it alive. We have a governor in our fine state of Maryland who is responsible to the citizens for not letting these shenanigans take place. Where was our governor in speaking up on this issue? How can he hide from this?

Did he approve of it? The last time I looked, the university was still under our governor and state government. Did the governor have a plan how our state was to come up with the $50 million fine the university faced for engaging in such behind-the-door illegal behavior? Where were Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller and House Speaker Michael E. Busch and the legislature on this? Are they also willing to let it slip under the carpet as well? If the finding of violation by the Open Meetings Compliance Board means nothing and results in no punishment, who then can the citizens of Maryland trust? More citizens need to be outraged about this move and speak up!

Raymond D. Bahr, Baltimore

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