U.S. should stay out of Ukraine mess [Letter]

News about Ukraine is disturbing, but it's time the European Union takes control of the matter and the United States stays in the background ("Moscow's Achilles heel," April 17). I don't like what's happening in the region, but there's no need for President Barack Obama to "wave the bloody shirt or rattle sabers." We've seen what happens when this country leads the charge in far-off conflicts.

Regarding your suggestion the U.S. and the European Union nations go after assets of wealthy Russian citizens, this should never be on the table. Whoever these "oligarchs" may be, they are not the ones causing trouble in Ukraine, they're looking for a place to spend money. If some Russian oligarch chooses to purchase a condominium at Scarlett Place (my building) and invests millions for improvement, what right does the U.S. government or any other nation have in seizing the property? And if Western governments appropriate private property of Russian citizens, how will these possessions be administered? Think about it.

The United States already has warships in the Black Sea, and there are proposals to send non-lethal military aid to Kiev. That's already too much in my opinion. Ukraine is in Europe's backyard, not ours. The last thing I want is another Cold War. One was quite enough, thank you!

Rosalind Heid, Baltimore

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