Uber is not a taxi service [Letter]

The apparent decision by a state administrative law judge to declare Uber a "common carrier" once again illustrates that Maryland is trapped in the past by special interest lobbyists ("Rules loom for car service," April 25).

As the Sun reporters point out, the state legislature was asked this year to enact legislation that would have required Uber to provide a certain amount of ride-share insurance and would have enabled Uber to continue calling itself a smartphone app (which it actually is) and not a cab company. But, as is par for the course in this state, the entrenched cab companies and their lobbyists defeated the measure. Now, it looks as if Maryland will be the first state to drive Uber out.

While Veolia Transportation spokesman Dwight Kines says that Uber does the exact same thing as Yellow Cab, he is mistaken. Unlike the cab companies, Uber cars are clean, their drivers are personable and knowledgeable, and they arrive on time! I have been a frequent Uber and Uber X user this year because of some surgery that kept me from driving. It is a terrific new service founded on the principle that the customer ought to come first. What a novel idea!

It is a shame that we could lose this service because of our state government's refusal to require the cab companies to move into this century.

Gerard P. Martin

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