Bono: A generous rock star who wants to do good

I was one of the 75,000 fans that U2 rocked in Baltimore on Wednesday night. As Bono said, "it was a midsummer's night dream, give or take 24 hours."

I wasn't as young or energetic Wednesday as I was the last time I saw the group, in 1992, at RFK Stadium in Washington. At several points in the show I couldn't help thinking of songs that I played in my car at 16 driving to work. Now, at 42, the same songs sounded just as good, if not better.

I was a bit dismayed to see Matt Patterson's opinion piece criticizing Bono and his ONE Organization ("U2: Great music in the service of dubious charity," June 22). If you refer to the ONE website, it clearly states "We're not asking for money, we're asking for your voice."

Bono is not a greedy rock star. He is simply a charitable man who just happens to make great music.

Michelle D. Breau, Sparks

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