Stop tweeting, Trump

When will someone remind Trump he won?

For over a year, I feared that Donald J. Trump, absolutely the least qualified and most emotionally volatile candidate ever to be nominated by a major political party, would win the presidency. After he, in fact, did triumph, I have been cautiously optimistic as his manner and speech as well as his policies have definitely started to transition from that of a candidate to a president-elect.

However, Mr. Trump's apparent addiction to Twitter and his baseless and irrational comments contained in his tweets are extremely disturbing ("Drama, disputes and falsehoods roil Trump's transition to White House," Nov. 28).

Perhaps, Mr. Trump should hire an aide to stay by his side and whisper in his ear: "You actually won the election. You really will be inaugurated in seven weeks, and tweeting is now beneath you."

If this is done, Mr. Trump will have more time to at least attempt to prepare himself for a job for which he is presently, at best, only partially fit to occupy.

Marc Raim, Baltimore

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