TV news should spare victims' families

I would like to know why the Baltimore television news organizations continue to stick a microphone in front of someone who has just lost a loved one to violence. For instance, WJZ-TV during coverage of the shooting of a 10-year-old girl in Cecil County on New Year's Eve interviewed the bereaved mother of the young victim ("10-year-old wounded in New Year's shooting dies," Jan. 4).

Is this really necessary? In my opinion, a resounding no. I am a retired television news director who supervised a newsroom in Texas for nearly 20 years. It was our policy when covering tragedies of this nature to not talk to immediate family members out of pure compassion. I have seen this occur over and over in Baltimore news coverage since I have been back living here, and I'm appalled that it continues.

I appeal to the news entities to have a little compassion for the families of tragic victims and get their sound bites elsewhere. It is heartbreaking to watch such "interviews" when they add nothing to the story.

Lou Kordek, Bel Air

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