Amtrak tunnel won't serve port

I read with interest the letter writer's description of the proposed Amtrak/MARC tunnel replacement project and its affect on the city ("Amtrak tunnel will harm neighbors," April 10). My only question is: What does this proposed project have to do with freight trains servicing the port?

The last time I checked, the Amtrak and MARC line exited the existing tunnel in West Baltimore and continued south to Washington. Critics further claim that Gov. Larry Hogan supports the tunnel as an essential freight route to the Port of Baltimore. The proposed Amtrak tunnel does not and will not ever provide freight service to the port.

Maybe the concerns apply to the CSX tunnel at Maryland Avenue, exiting at Camden Yards, which is a major route to the Port of Baltimore. I realize all railroad tracks look the same, but in this instance, there is a real difference.

David James, Aberdeen

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