Dream Act opposition fueled by anti-Latino racism

I am a Latino immigrant to the U.S. My father brought us here with a sixth grade education. I am my family's first college graduate, and both of my daughters have master's degrees. I am appalled at the move to abolish the Maryland Dream Act.

Despite being restrictive, it gives deserving innocent children of undocumented workers a chance to get a college education. Why are they being punished?

This immigrant issue has reached new lows as the move by some of our legislators is nothing but racism. That is not the way to resolve this thorny issue.

I have experienced a change in attitude toward me — even from people I have known for a long time — when I stand up for Latino human rights. Because I am white, I often hear racists remarks about Latinos. I am hopeful that the people of Maryland will vote their conscience in November, 2012, if it gets that far.

Alex Medina

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