Will somebody take away Trump's smartphone?

Trump needs to be stopped before any real damage is done.

Once again I awoke thinking we must be living in a bad dystopian movie or some type of parallel universe. The president-elect of The United States recently tweeted that 2 million people illegally voted (apparently all against him) in the presidential election — a claim that is patently false. Then he tweets that people who burn the U.S. flag in protest should go to jail and lose their citizenship ("Trump's idea of 'presidential' diverges from past presidents," Nov. 30). Anyone who has passed high school civics class knows that flag burning is protected by the First Amendment and has been affirmed by the Supreme Court as free speech. Besides, even convicted murderers retain their citizenship.

At this point it is just embarrassing, but soon Donald Trump, this man who is incredibly irresponsible at best and mentally ill at worst, will actually be president. He needs to be stopped before any real damage is done.

Paul Winston

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