Trump brings us to an all-time low

Trump's budget threatens to reduce America to an all-time low.

The current mood of the country is much like the U.S. during the Vietnam/Civil Rights era; however, what is occurring in our country today is insidious rather than obvious. And the vast majority of Americans are fearful and uncertain of where our country will end up, and overall, are generally pessimistic about the future! President Donald Trump, through his cavalier and scathing rhetoric and attitude, has created an atmosphere of divisiveness and chaos.

It is ironic that the two departments receiving the highest cuts in the current proposed Trump budget are the EPA and State Department, our most important governmental agencies. Additionally, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting is being defunded, as well as the National Endowment for the Arts. The handwriting is on the wall, and President Trump has successfully browbeaten, threatened and intimidated the current House and Senate into submission. These decisions will destabilize the world and our country, putting the U.S. at risk militarily and environmentally, along with other nations around the world.

The State Department, through exemplary diplomacy, has kept America and our allies safer and more peaceful. We arrived at our emphasis on diplomacy knowing that nuclear war is not an option and another world war is unacceptable, unthinkable and utter insanity. Now the winds of war are howling, and everyone, most of all, our Representatives and leadership are looking the other way, ignoring what history has demonstrated and taught us is dangerous and provocative policy.

Now, more than any time in history, our representatives need to be courageous and stand up against an insidious, yet blatant change of American democracy, and recognize the critical need to maintain the past course of direction which we need to sustain in the 21st century.

In the new era of distraction, division, derision and lack of dignity and respect for the other, the American consciousness is at an all-time low! Americans are afraid, distrustful, angry and vulnerable as a consequence of the irresponsible and reckless attitude and rhetoric of our president. He has set the tone and lowered the bar to an all-time low. He has disillusioned the vast majority of our compatriots who feel helpless to change course and return to some sense of stability and sanity. President Trump has characterized the media as "evil," accused respected countrymen as liars, and gone as far as including President Barack Obama among the victims of his irrational language. Additionally, he has attempted to usurp the integrity and power of the judiciary to alter the fundamental foundation of American Democracy.

Lastly, President Trump and the Republicans have proposed a health care system that favors the corporations under the guise of free market capitalism and competition, which in the 21st century is a myth. The poor, middle class, and disabled will ultimately suffer if this immoral health care act is passed into law. Free market economics is driven by the profit motive which has nothing to do with the health of the most vulnerable and needy.

Improve the Affordable Care Act; don't repeal it!

America's foundation is based on free press, freedom of religion, free thought, freedom of expression; the arts, music and theater/cinema are vital to the richness of our culture and future of the United States.

Gustave F. Wachter

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