Trump gives U.S. a chance

Why is Trump wrong for protecting the nation from illegal immigration?

The letter from Jack Wickham ("Clinton's bad, Trump's worse," Oct. 13) is wrong on a number of points. Why does he think Donald Trump has a low regard for voters when we legal Americans see the wall as a way to prevent us from being overrun by illegal immigrants who will then be signed up en masse to vote for Hillary Clinton? Ms. Clinton is the one who deserves to lose in November, hopefully by a large margin of people who deplore all her lies, flouting of the law, personal aggrandizement and lack of good judgment, plus the fact that she accomplished nothing as secretary of state other than getting our ambassador to Libya killed and setting the stage for the one-sided and disastrous Iran agreement.

Ms. Clinton would be the epic national disaster if elected and our country will be lost to become just another socialist debacle in the globalist mishmash like Europe is now. If Mr. Trump wins, America might have a chance to go back to being the wonderful country we grew up in.

Diane Anderson, Freeland

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