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Trump's empty promises

Donald Trump poses a danger to our democracy.

Politicians have long engaged in exaggerating problems and creating fear, then making extravagant promises to allay those fears. Donald Trump has elevated this tactic to an art form.

For voters to elect Mr. Trump on the basis of his promises rather than his past actions carries a big risk ("Given positive economic trends, Trump a big risk," Sept. 17).

He has masterfully used hyperbole, distortions and baseless claims to inflate expectations of changes that, he says, will "make America great again" — whatever that means.

No matter that his promises are bombastic, unattainable or inconsistent with his own past behavior. He has made so many promises he has left us breathless.

Do we really believe he can or will do all that he has promised? Do we really think that his proposals, however ill-advised or inconsistent, would be in our national interest, heal our divisions and strengthen our democracy?

The risk of making grandiose and unrealistic promises is that when reality dashes those inflated expectations people become even more discouraged, more cynical and perhaps even more prone to violence, which further deflates the vitality of our democracy and the integrity of our electoral process.

Howard L. Nixon II, Catonsville

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