Trump invites chaos

Those who voted for President Donald Trump in the hope that he would shake things up in Washington have gotten their wish. Our government is now tragically dysfunctional. I have no confidence in the integrity of this administration ("Trump claims 'witch hunt,' says he's most hounded president in history," May 18).

This has nothing to do with policy or ideology. If someone with integrity such as, say, Sen. John McCain had been elected president in 2016, we would not be having this circus in the White House. I might not agree with some of Senator McCain's policies, but I would feel that the country was in capable hands. Top government officials would not be coerced and the country's intelligence would not be compromised. The press would not have daily crises to report. Also, elected officials might even work together instead of conducting a tribal war. 

Many people will continue to support the current regime no matter what. They prefer chaos to the "frightening" alternative that Democrats may actually have something to contribute. How sad for our country.

Ron Lambert, Timonium

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