Obama, NAACP, Sharpton wrong to stoke passions in Trayvon Martin case

First and most important, it is a tragedy when any young person dies before his or her time. What is rather disheartening is that politicians like the president and members of Congress, groups like the NAACP and TV personalities like Al Sharpton are stoking the fires for a very dangerous response from people who know no other way to get justice then through violence.

Just look at all of the retaliation done on the streets of any city in America on any given weekend. If any innocent person dies as a result of their irresponsible response to this incident, they should be held accountable in a public forum.

Spike Lee has already proven what can happen when you overreact (he tweeted a wrong address and put innocent people at risk), and he will pay for it financially and professionally. I just hope when the entire facts come out that the president, members of Congress, NAACP and Al Sharpton have enough integrity to accept whatever the grand jury and courts decide.

My personal opinion of this incident really dims in comparison to what I see happening to our country because of irresponsible leadership from those mentioned.

Michael Snyder, Baltimore

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