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We deserve better roads, not new taxes

In reading the article about Maryland's transportation finances ("State plan for funding roads, transit elusive," Feb. 20), I'm surprised the money lasted this long.

Why is it always on the taxpayers' back to pay for the deficits the state makes? Now, it's "Let's raise some taxes so we can fix the roads and continue with road building projects."

Has anyone ever really read the questions when voting about government borrowing? Maybe voters should. I always vote "no."

I've said for years the roads in Maryland are the worst in the country. Go down I-695 toward Glen Burnie and see how much of the road is buckled and wavy. On a good day, try keeping your vehicle in your lane and avoid the waves in the road. In one section of the highway it looks as if the waves from Ocean City are rolling in.

As a former state employee with over 22 years of government experience, I can honestly say the state wastes money like it's water with no end in sight.

D. Rosner, Elkridge

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