Voters will reject Maryland's transgender law [Letter]

If the tone of your editorial on Maryland's transgender rights law was intended to inflame, in my view it was very successful ("Another misguided petition drive," May 4).

I am not writing to restate the objection and outrage that I — and hopefully a majority of Marylanders from both sides of the political spectrum — harbor toward this bill. But I would like to make one point here, and that is that this legislation is a perfect example of a measure that tramples the rights of a large majority in order to "protect" a small minority.

Using your own numbers, transgender people represent at most one-half of 1 percent of the population. Yet we must protect their rights and compromise the rights and preferences of the up to 55 percent of the population who are female. At some point shouldn't common sense prevail?

The idea, which is soon to be law, that transgender men should be allowed to use the ladies' room because they do not identify with the sex they were born with is ridiculous. Let's hope sanity can prevail through the referendum process.

Mike Duvall, Baltimore

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