Cameras help make Md. roads safer

We are writing to express our support for the use of photo enforcement to make Maryland roads and intersections safer. Traffic safety laws are put in place to keep people safe on the roads. The increased enforcement of those laws deters dangerous driving that puts people at risk of injury or death.

In recent weeks, communities across the country have worked to make their roads safer through the use of a crucial safety tool. As part of these efforts, we wanted to share our story. In 2002, our daughter, Sarah, was killed in a car crash. She died because a man disregarded a red light, drove 55 miles per hour through an intersection and crashed into her car.

Unfortunately, crashes like that one happen every day. Red light running led to almost 700 fatalities in 2009. We cannot afford to watch any more accidents pile up on our streets while we neglect to enforce these basic traffic safety laws, which has led us to partner with law enforcement and safety advocates to support policies that will reduce crashes and save lives. It is our hope that police departments will continue to use the tools at their disposal to catch the people who break our laws and deter people from doing so in the future.

Paul and Sue Oberhauser, Somerset, Ohio

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