Parked trucks are a Pikesville nuisance

Recently, Baltimore County stepped up efforts to eliminate signs on lawns and poles in residential neighborhoods ("Crackdown on nuisance road signs," April 26), but what we have around Park Heights Avenue and Stevenson Road is a problem with numerous tractor-trailers parked from Friday night to Monday morning onBrooks RobinsonDrive (formerly Radio Tower Drive).

This road primarily serves a residential neighborhood, and anyone who wants to walk along this stretch of road must do so in traffic as the trucks occupy the shoulder. Signs posted are to no avail.

These trucks should not be allowed to park on this street at all. They never did before. Maybe Baltimore County can do something to eliminate this situation. If trucks are going to be allowed to park there, at least give us a sidewalk so we can walk safely.

Frank F. Braunstein, Pikesville

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