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SECU wastes money on worthless naming rights

Towson University does it again! How in the world does SECU, a tax exempt credit union, have $4.7 million to purchase promotional naming rights to a university sports venue ("Towson gets $4.75 million from SECU for arena naming rights," July 31)?

As hard-working, tax-paying families and small businesses here in Maryland are faced with ever increasing taxes and fees — most recently a higher gas tax and tolls — this is beyond an insult in a state that pays lip service to helping the middle class and others.

Towson University and SECU should be ashamed of themselves for such a blatant disregard for the citizens of Maryland. How about contributing that $4.7 million to the state's treasury for public safety, education or infrastructure instead of getting a name on a basketball court and luxury suites?

J. Edrington, Lutherville

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