Towson made the correct choice

As a proud alumna of Towson University (English/Secondary Education '95) I am distressed by the negative press my alma mater is receiving regarding the recent decision to eliminate men's baseball and soccer and institute men's tennis. I do not feel that all of the facts have been equally presented.

Having served on the alumni board for eight years, I am aware of the steps taken to ensure this decision was not made lightly or with little regard to the students who would be affected. Hours of research, analysis, debate and discussion were expended to arrive at a decision that would most benefit the school and the nearly 22,000 students who are not athletes.

Sadly, after all of the deliberation, the decision to dissolve the baseball and soccer program was finalized. The possibility that these programs would be dissolved was delivered last October. The student athletes had the opportunity then, in October, to look for other schools and programs if they wanted to continue to play collegiate sports. In addition, the scholarships for these student athletes were ensured for as long as they wanted to attend Towson University. I support President Maravene Loeschke's decision, and I support the manner in which it was delivered.

I will continue my support for Towson University. I am proud of the students, faculty and staff that make Towson the best bargain in education in Maryland. Towson will continue to produce the educators, health-care workers and business people who fuel the state's economic engine. They will do so with or without baseball and soccer.

Constance Kihm, Towson

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