Loeschke is far better leader than Franchot

In my 42 years of teaching in the music department at Towson University, I have had the opportunity observe President Maravene Loeschke's leadership from the time she became chairwoman of the theater department many years ago. During those years, I have worked with many administrators at Towson and elsewhere. Having observed the leadership styles and accomplishments of five presidents and at least two acting presidents, I can say that without question Ms. Loeschke is the best administrator, the best leader I have ever seen.

In every one of her leadership positions, she has demonstrated an extraordinarily energetic, compassionate, well-prepared and wholly committed leadership. The hallmarks of leadership include deep knowledge of the issues with which one is confronted, careful, detailed assessment, and unflinching, decisive action focused on the overall good of the institution for which one is responsible.

Maryland Comptroller Peter Franchot may disagree with Ms. Loeschke's decision ("Franchot calls on president of Towson University to resign," April 18), but as to leadership, he hasn't a clue.

Gerald L. Phillips, Towson

The writer is a professor of music at Towson University.

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