Towson's president should step down for the good of the school

Towson University President Maravene Loeschke is in a pickle ("Franchot calls on president of Towson University to resign," April 18). To avert further damage to my alma mater she has no choice but to step down.

It's never a good thing when state comptroller Peter Franchot's feathers are ruffled. Yet Ms. Loeschke did just that and the resulting angst is not going to dissipate. If Mr. Franchot truly wants to play hardball he could withhold funds requested by Towson University to expand the campus to Harford County.

In response to Mr. Franchot's statement that Ms. Loeschke should step down, the university arrogantly announced that she will not resign. But if she chooses to remain her future could be bleak.

I'm sure that Ms. Loeschke is a proud and determined person, but hasn't Towson gotten enough negative publicity? That negativity will persist if she chooses to remain. It's not too late for the university to save face.

There is one absolute in this mess; The ride will certainly not become any less turbulent for Ms. Loeschke as time goes on. Resignation is the only real resolution to her predicament if the university is to move forward. It's also the right thing to do.

Patrick R. Lynch, Nottingham

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