Taxpayers, Towson U. deserve better from Annapolis

As a Maryland taxpayer, I am appalled at the back room deal made by advocates of the Towson University men's baseball program and the response by Comptroller Peter Franchot ("Franchot calls on president of Towson University to resign," April 18).

The taxpayers should be outraged that for the next two years, they are forced to fund (to the tune of $300,000 per year) a program that has already been determined to be unsustainable. Towson University President Maravene Loeschke was brave to make such a difficult decision in the face of the obviously powerful "sports lobbyists," and she should be applauded. Those who undermined her authority by performing this underground operation should be ashamed.

Hopefully after the taxpayers have been bled of their $600,000, these heroes will step up and open their wallets to fund the deficits of the program in future years. The comptroller's call for her resignation is laughable.

Marcia Zercoe, Towson

The writer is a board member of the Towson University Foundation.

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