Towson is losing a lot by cutting athletic teams

Towson University President Maravene S. Loeschke's decision to discontinue the men's soccer and baseball programs and add men's tennis blew my athletic socks off and bruised my heart and soul ("Towson criticized for cutting sports teams," March 21).

As a graduate of what was then known as Towson State Teacher College (Class of 1942), my experiences as a student athlete there had a big effect on my later life. From athletic director Donald I. Minnegan, for example, I learned to eradicate the word "no" from my vocabulary. He used to say "if one has the will, there is always a way."

Although I didn't realize it until much later, the skills, self-discipline, determination and team work I learned as a member of the school's men's soccer and basketball teams helped me in a professional career that included five years as a Navy reserve officer during World War II, and later 32 years as head of the Independent McDonogh Middle School.

At the age of 91, I still believe some of the most important catalysts for my success were the lessons I learned from Coach Minnegan. But now I fear Ms. Loeschke's nonchalant attitude to the school's sports traditions will greatly impede the interest of prospective students in the future, as well as the enthusiasm of alumni like me.

Quinton D. Thompson, Towson

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