Good riddance to Waddell

I read with great relief that Towson University Athletic Director Mike Waddell is leaving after a two and a half year tenure, and a very turbulent past half-year at the school ("Athletic director Waddell leaving for post at Arkansas," May 21).

I am not appreciative of the kind of legacy Mr. Waddell leaves at my alma mater. My perspective is that he is a self-important opportunist who cloaked his intent and purpose at Towson by feigning to put the student-athletes' needs first, while padding his pockmarked resume.

May the stench affixed to him linger wherever his next athletic director road show stops.

Hopefully Towson will now hire an AD who truly puts the kids' welfare above all else, the way it should be. Hopefully, the dark cloud hanging over the school's athletic programs will move on with the departure of this wrecking ball.

Are you listening, Mr. Waddell?

Patrick R. Lynch, Nottingham

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