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Loeschke must go

The waters surrounding Towson University become more brackish every day. State Sen. James Brochin didn't help matters with his comment that the Towson community is "fully supportive" of university President Maravene Loeschke ("State senator fires back at Franchot, defends Towson president," April 18).

Perhaps he wouldn't have made that statement if he had done his homework first.

Has he picked up a paper recently or read online about the uproar over the debacle at Towson University? In reality, the Towson community is not supportive of Ms. Loeschke at all. This simply proves how out of touch with his constituents the senator is.

Even before Maryland Comptroller Peter Franchot got involved in this issue, I felt that Ms. Loeschke had to resign in order for the university to move forward. The university has begun to suffer from all the negative publicity surrounding her move to terminate the mens' baseball and soccer programs. This is a no-brainer. She must go.

For Mr. Brochin to be supportive of Ms. Loeschke is a travesty. The status quo is simply not acceptable to the Towson community. Both the school and the community deserve better.

Patrick R. Lynch, Nottingham

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