Overbooking at the Preakness

Five days before the Preakness, my wife and I received an email informing us that our $200 Clubhouse Turn Reserved tickets are now "first come, first served." With apologies for the inconvenience due to "unforeseen circumstances," they offer us a $15 food voucher as recompense. Their explanation was that the ticket people were working from a wrong seating blueprint and were selling seats that weren't there. However, they insist that they didn't overbook (to use a current dirty word).

We have had these tickets for 11 years. This year, we have guests. It galls me to see Sal Sinatra of the Maryland Jockey Club and Tim Ritvo of the Stronach Group whine about not being able to command Kentucky Derby prices ("City officials argue to keep Preakness in Baltimore, at Pimlico," May 18). I think getting $200 for a cattle call seat is doing very well.

Judson Smith, Catonsville                                                                                                                             

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