Andre Bourgeois, hero of the Ticketmaster rebellion

I was pleased to read your recent article regarding the lawsuit against Ticketmaster ("City politicians rush to save Ticketmaster's user fees," Feb. 24). I now know who to thank: Kudos to Andre Bourgeois for bringing the suit and winning the case.

I attend many productions in Baltimore, be they at the Meyerhoff, the Lyric or elsewhere around town. But I will never go to any event unless I can buy a ticket at the box office. Every company is entitled to make a profit for its services, but the exorbitant fees tacked onto tickets by Ticketmaster, which I refuse to pay, are pure gouging.

Such fees probably prevent a lot of citizens from attending events in the city. Thanks, again, to Mr. Bourgeois, who had the guts to take on this issue.

Laraine Fisher, Pikesville

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