Horse sense on Thoroughbreds, please

I read with interest the obituary of E. Allen Murray Jr. and wanted to bring a tiny but important detail to the attention of your writing and copy-editing staff ("E. Allen Murray Jr., electrical engineer and horse breeder, dies at 80," Aug. 19).

Contrary to popular belief, "thoroughbred" is not an adjective describing a horse of any breed. The Thoroughbred is a specific (and venerated) breed and a proper noun like Quarter Horse, Appaloosa or Boston Terrier.

When referring to the breed it should always be capitalized. The incorrect usage, "thoroughbred horse," jumps out at those of us who work with this special breed.

I know this is nit-picky, but given our state's long tradition in breeding and racing Thoroughbreds, I thought you should know for future reference.

Beth Herman

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