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Ben Carson was attacked by the liberal PC police

In his Sunday column, Dan Rodricks proved the correctness of Ben Carson's statement concerning the PC police ("Ben Carson's conservative views are drawn from the Bible" Mar 30). If you make a statement that is politically incorrect, you will be attacked by the liberals who will try to shut you up. Ben Carson did not make any homophobic statements. He merely said that God's word says that marriage is between a man and a woman. That is our creator's design, not man's and no man can change God's plan to suit their own desires. Gays can't change it, lesbians can't change it, indulgers of bestiality can't change it, adulterers can't change it, President Obama can't it, the Pope can't change it. No one group or person can change God's plan and design for man.

Then Dan Rodricks took issue with Dr. Carson's position on spanking children. We all know what a disaster was spawned by Dr. Spock's philosophy of no spanking which culminated in permissiveness that mocked authority, home, school and law enforcement. God's word teaches us that we are not buddies with our children and that the home is not run democratically. It is run by parents being the authority of the home and making the decisions. Children grow up secure knowing that they are loved and protected.

Then Rodricks went to economics and ridiculed Dr. Carson's plan for our economy. God's plan for financing his Church is the tithe, ten percent, and offerings. Show me a church where the members practice this and I will show you church that is in good financial order. Dan said this was the first time that he knew there was a biblical basis for the flat tax..

If Dan would spend more time in God's word, he might find out that Christians aren't necessarily all that smart. We just serve a God that is. All we need to do is follow his plans for our well being.

James R. Cook

Joppa, Md.

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