Texas beats Maryland

A "Readers Respond" letter in The Sun ("Living in Maryland is far superior to living in Texas," June 28) contained some significant factual inaccuracies. The writer contends that the cost-of-living is less in Maryland than in Texas. According to CNBC, Texas ranks 8th on the list of states with the lowest cost-of-living. On the same list, Maryland is tied with Connecticut at 45th.

The writer continues on to suggest that the personal tax burden is higher in Texas than in Maryland. On the Tax Foundation's list of states with the highest state and local tax burden, Maryland ranks 12th while Texas ranks 45th.

Also unsupported is the writer's claim that housing prices in Texas, specifically Dallas, are higher than in Maryland. According to CNN Money's cost-of-living calculator, housing prices in Dallas are 55 percent lower than in Baltimore. Furthermore, Dallas/Ft.Worth ranked 10th on Bloomberg Business Week's list of cheapest housing markets. No city in Maryland made the list.

Brendan Madigan

The writer is a former Republican candidate for Maryland comptroller.

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