For panhandler Terry Reed, help may be only a few blocks away

I live at the corner where Terry Reed panhandles ("Terry Reed, that man on President Street," Dec. 21). I see him often and we've had a few conversations. Late at night he's often out in traffic seeking donations, and I've urged him on many occasions not to do this.

I'm aware of Mr. Reed's story and marvel at how well he manages, lacking the limbs the rest of us take for granted. What I did not know, nor would I have guessed, is that Terry Reed needs money to feed a heroin habit. This is appalling. Given all Baltimore's social service programs and outreach efforts, how can someone with a problem like Mr. Reed's hide in plain sight?

Just a few blocks away there is an excellent organization called The Helping Up Mission. This drug treatment program has a great track record. It's ironic help for Terry Reed is within walking distance, yet he knows nothing about it.

When Terry Reed is released from the hospital and returns to his President Street location, I'm giving him the Helping Up Mission material. Thanks for the article; I'm glad there may be something I can do to help this guy.

Roz Ellis Heid, Baltimore

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