Rocket attacks require response [Letter]

Letter writer Bruce Knauff, though well-intentioned, misses the point of terror ("Conflict over Gaza is one-sided," July 16). Although Hamas has been thwarted in killing and maiming more Israelis, that is not their intent. On the contrary, as they themselves have said repeatedly in many ways, their intent is to do as much harm as possible. So when Mr. Knauff and his family or some Israeli and his family are running for cover while rockets are heading their way and sirens are wailing, the terror is real.

Are Mr. Knauff and the others who are unhappy with the success of Israel in defending its people at great cost, effort and sacrifice suggesting that less effort should be made in sparing their citizens' lives and limbs? Or are they saying that if Israel didn't take out the infrastructure from which the missiles and rockets are launched, those missiles and rockets wouldn't be launched? Even Hamas says that that isn't so. So what would Mr. Knauff do if he were sitting in a shelter as rockets and missiles and mortar were falling on his home?

Charles Boxenbaum

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