New Terps uniforms are great

As a fan of Maryland — the university, the football team and the state itself — I have very much enjoyed The Sun's recent excellent coverage of the big Terrapin win against the integrity-challenged University of Miami football team. In addition to the game reports, I have also read with keen interest the articles about the new Maryland uniforms, which appear to have received an energetic thumbs-down from many in the national media and other self-appointed arbiters of style.

I really like the uniforms, and my affection for them only grew when I learned that the LeBron James really did not. More importantly, though, I think the wide range of folks who weighed in (negatively) on the uniforms did so purely on style points alone, while we Marylanders appropriately look at our state flag and our state's flagship university team colors more broadly. In a vacuum, for example, the color and graphic schemes of the American flag may not win a national style competition, but we all identify with that flag and most of us find it attractive and stirring in its various forms. In a similar but more subtle way, the familiar black and gold checkerboard and the red and white Olde England-y pattern are attractive and stirring to us Marylanders, but apparently less so to many outside our fine state. No skin off my nose.

I was also delighted to learn from The Sun that the eye-catching new uniforms were designed by none other than Under Armour, the Baltimore-based American super-success story started by a Maryland grad (and former football player).

A Maryland flag-waving story through and through.

Chris Doherty, Baltimore

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