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Letter writer wrong about lazy teachers [Letter]

I feel I must respond on behalf of all of us "lazy teachers" who feel work is beneath them ("Waivers are for lazy teachers," March 29). Letter writer J. Robert Clark obviously does not realize that we work the same amount of days every school year regardless of how many snow days we have. I know of no teacher who feels that work is beneath them. In fact, many of my colleagues get to school early and stay late, well beyond their contractual obligations. Our objections to Common Core have nothing to do with laziness. The Common Core curriculum requires hours and hours of extra work in preparation. Many teachers' schedules do not have adequate planning time to implement such an enormous task.

I am not really sure how a bus driver knows how much time is wasted in lining up for inane activities when his job is to drop the students off in the morning and pick them back up in the afternoon. Is he there in school all day to witness these so-called inane lines?

Most teachers will tell you that a winter full of snow days does nothing but interrupt the flow of instruction. It is very difficult to stop and start over and over again. Those snow days truly are lost days of instruction. Waiving the days in June is not so "lazy teachers" can get a head start on their summer vacation. Teachers will work until the last student is out of the building in June and continue to work and plan all summer before returning in August.

Ellen Kearney, Elkridge

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