Why doesn't the entitlement crowd pay their fair share?

President Obama's mantra that we all need to pay our fair share and go after the fat cats of Wall Street appears to be missing a few other groups. We don't hear Mr. Obama mention the fat cats of sports, movies and the entertainment world paying their fair share. Gov.Martin O'Malley echoes Mr. Obama's sentiments about high-income people paying their share in Maryland.

I'd like to offer a side that the president and governor fail to mention. Before we write that check or have new taxes imposed, we need to make sure the entitlement crowd surrenders a few of the following prior to accepting entitlements: cell phones, Bluetooth ear pieces, iPhones, iPods, cable/Dish TV, luxury cars, etc.

If one is going to accept entitlements, that person needs to demonstrate that they are living within their financial means and worthy of entitlements.

Only until Messrs. Obama and O'Malley state that the recipients of entitlements need to sacrifice and give up luxury items will those of us who are making sacrifices to live within our means even consider paying our fair share.

Joe Regula

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