Politicians who fail their country should resign

The failure of the congressional supercommittee to reach agreement to limit the federal debt and balance the budget is a disgrace. The electorate knows that a balanced budget is achievable, but our representatives again have kicked the can down the road, forcing someone else to solve the problem.

Obviously, there is insufficient incentive to achieve consensus. Therefore, I would suggest that those who fail their fellow citizens while in office, particularly the supercommittee members, should symbolically "fall on their swords" by resigning their positions.

That would at least be a tacit acknowledgment that in accepting greater responsibilities, they also expose themselves to greater risks than ordinary Americans.

Corporate CEOs and heads of state the world over leave office, sometimes forcibly, if they are unsuccessful. Congress needs to do the same.

When it becomes more important to be elected or re-elected than to prevent a financial Armageddon from overtaking our nation, those who fail should remove themselves and let others do the job.

C.J. Kovarik, Rosedale

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